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Thanks for the Shout Out! Sabres!

We would like to thank HTMLGiant and Emerging Writers Network and Bookforum and Oxford American for telling the world about this blog…only four days old and thousands of you have come to visit.

We urge you to purchase the books discussed here, as well as other books from the writers we discuss. Many are out of print and are easy (and often cheap) to find on, ebay, and…ehh…Amazon (whom we are none too happy with right now for its current policy of censoring books whose content they disagree with, and  Jeff Bezos & Crew engaging in systematic censorship when he promised a few months ago he would never do such a nasty and scalawaggy thing, and honor the First Amendment, making Amazon quite the unAmerican bookseller right now, and should move its ass to China if that is what it wants to be),  B&,, and so forth and so on and such and such and speak and spell.

And oh…if the spirit moves you, write to Amazon and tell them we still live in America where freedom of thought is something to cherish…you may not care for the kind of material they are censoring, but content is not the point…if they are allowed to keep this going on, where will they stop? And why are they selling Lolita or the Bible still, because those books violate their content policies.

/End of rant.


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  1. I think your Oxford American link is actually a Faster Times article (that mentions the Oxford American). Good job with the blog though!

  2. Indeed! We stand, and sit, corrected!


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