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Publication Date Matters

Some have written and emailed asking, Is Gordon Lish and His Influence on Twentieth Century American Literature, from the Routledge Studies in Major Literary Authors Series (that has presented critical woks on Carver, DeLillo, Conrad, Crane, etc.)  been postponed to January, 2020?? as listed on Amazon.

No, no siree. That is merely an arbritary pub. date as the book remains in a holding pattern.

There have been some delays.  Originally the book was scheduled for Oct., 2009 and then January, 2011…other publishing commitments, two feature films, the creation of daughter, Rominna (born March 18, 2011), the putting of a girlfriend in rehab and the bughouse, mother with cancer,  a few novels and a recent collection of stories, plus rewrite demands from the publisher and peer reviewers, have caused a missing of those pub. dates.

There were things that had to be taken out … some things that are in, and on, this blog.

Thre were matters of theory and form to put in.

We are looking at, most likely, later this year or early 2012.

Some books take time.


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