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The Mystery of Mysterium

Amazon still has listed a March 2002 title from Lish, Mysterium, published by 4 Walls 8 Windows.  This was about the time that 4 Walls merged with Avalon Publishing and became a part of Thunder´s Mouth Press, which John Oakes eventaully took over when Neil stepped down.

Was this an abandoned novel or collection? Krupp´s Lulu, a 2000 title, was slammed by critics for blank pages and obscurity.

Curious what it was.


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  1. This particularly curious, and a real mysterium in and of itself, because I was publisher of Four Walls Eight Windows–and we never had a Lish book of that title scheduled for publication or even under contract. Geez.

  2. Dear Gordon Lish,
    You’ve talked about being the ghost author of many titles—I won’t reveal names because you’ve asked me not to—but did you, Gordon Lish, write a book called Mysterium? It’s on the Internet as your having have written such a book. Should I correct this, or do you take credit for it?
    John Lee

    Gordon Lish replies:
    I wrote a book and called it Mysterium. It was to have been my last novel. I withdrew the thing from publication when I have [sic] read to page 45 of the first proofs. How there occurs any reference to any of this anywhere beats, scares, the piss out of me. Are you fellows setting yourselves up to get to be brand-new enemies of mine?”

    –Lee, John and Chatman, Vernon. “Gordon Lish” The Believer 7.1 (2009): 71-76.


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