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Jan Pendelton

From issues #3-27 of The Quarterly, Jan Pendleton published stories with Lish but, unlike other writers with that much or less, there was never a Knopf collection. In fact, Pendelton’s resume shows no book but a lot of stories for The Q, Antoich review, Quarterly West, ect.

Pendelton’s  Lish stories are all wonderful, of course, with first sentence s that dazzle:

“She remembers getting stoned on something mixed with something and driving around the apartment building again and again because she couldn’t get there because the apartment was on an island and she couldn’t drive through the water to get there.” (“Feathers and Hats,” Q 4)

“People think that mentally retarded people laugh at stupid things.” (Q 9, “House on the Avenues”)

Was Pendleton a Captain Fiction  student  in New York?

We call out to publishers who might read this blog to consider collecting Pendleton’s fiction into a book. It seems to us to be long overdue.


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  1. Hey, thanks very much this! It’s been a long time. I keep writing stories and am currently with Markson Thoma, but so far no one has wanted to publish my collection, now titled THE NATURE OF MY FATHER’S CRIMES. Most of the stories are new, just one from Gordon Lish Days, I think, “James.” Here’s hoping…

    Jan Pendleton

  2. Yes, yes, it would be wonderful for Jan P. to have (finally) a collection published. It’s been a long haul since the days of The Lish Class Experience, I’ll bet. Lots of wonderful stories published since then, and more to come.

  3. I agree. Jan Pendleton deserves a collection. Her ability to work on a consious and subconscious level simultaneously, results in stories that are sometimes humorous, sometimes raw and painful, but always prompt us to explore our own inner feelings.

    It would have been nice if there wasn’t a typo in her first paragraph quoted. (“….was on and island….”)

    Also the second paragraph — think think.

  4. I’ve been waiting a long time for a collection by Jan Pendleton. My mom has worked hard since I was a little kid and she deserves it.

  5. Thanks, John. Always good to have a fan who’s also your son.


  6. I am now represented by Curtis Brown but still no collection.


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