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The Quarterly #2 (Summer, 1987)

Issue #2 contains (of course) many gems. starting with two fictions by Noy Holland and Mark Richard, who later (of course) had books with Knopf.

Holland’s “absolution” starts like this:

Me and him, we’re lovers. Sure, I know he’s a crazy  motherfucker — and I’m Banana Queen of Opheosus  They say I’m the prettiest since Laura Lee.

Richard”s “On the Rope” starts:

I have to tell my uncle it’s just a bread-wrapper, a crubby piece of paper thrown up on the fence by the wind. I run out to show this is all it is, but the spell is already on my uncle.

There’s a story by Rick  Bass, one by Leon Rooke (three books with Knopf, one with Fiction Collective), a piece by Nancy Leaman, one from Hob Brown, and some minimalist poetry.

Plus some Naces.

Paulette Jiles has a story and a big group of poems and prose poems.

Five poems from Jack Gilbert, all wonderful.

How we wish we could sit down with you and read you this issue as you are warmly tucked in bed, dear Reader of This Blog.

Listen to the opening stanza of Jennifer Harrison’s “Shooting at the Sky”:

I wanted to be like them, my father’s friends

sitting around a trash barrel in blood-

stained hunting vetts, drinking beer and joking,

cleaning doves that were still warm, the guts

and feathers still on their hands.  I’d ask my father

so a sip of beer. He always gave me one.

Read three of her poem here.


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