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The Quarterly #4 (Winter, 1987)

This issue begins with one of my favorite Sharon Dupreee stories, “The Voltron,” about how a Voltron action figure becomes a significant part of a woman’s life.  Dupree is another Q regular who didn’t have a book with Knopf, or anywhere else as far as we can tell (we have been corrected on this lack of insight before).

Next is Mark Richard’s “The Ice at the Bottom of the World” which became the title story of jis Knopf collection (Richard left Lish to Nan Talese then at Doubleday, now at Scribner).  Same with Sheila Kohler’s “Miracles in America” in this issue, later her first collection with Lish (and second book, she did a novel first).

Rebecca Connor has a nifty little piece titled “…” that opens:

On the morning of the day before the holiday, the daddy of the baby said, “…”

The mother thought, Now there is a statement for you, “…”

In the poetry section, we’re given 11 powerful poems by Sharon Olds, a virtual 20-page folio spread of a top tier poet.  Plus five from Thomas Lynch (see next post) and others from Elaine Equi and Linda Gregg.

A “letter” from Amy Hempel that begins:

My dog — I found him on the dining room table, stepping around the bowl of fruit, licking the beeswax candles.

My cat is another one — east anything for food.

Plus 13 curious illustrations from Sharon Einhorn…


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  1. Please post cartoons by Wayne Hogan, I beseech you.


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