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The 1/4ly 29 (Spring 1995)

The 1/4ly (as titled on the cover here) was discontinued at Random House/Vintage with the 1993 issue 25, and picked up by The Gutter Press in Canada for six issues.

Th issue is prefaced by a sardonic shot at Harper’s (which Lish had sued for copyright infringement and won).

The issue starts off with a Sheila Kohler piece, “Correspondence,” followed by four fictions from Gary Lutz, some found in Stories in the Worst Way, some not (that one, orphaned under contract when Lish got the boot, would not come out until 1996). Ther’ds a longish story from Victoria Reddel, “My Little Pledge for Us,” found in her collection, Where the Road Bottoms Out (Knopf, 1995 — see above post). “Wisconsin Boy” from Brian Evenson (found in his 1990 collection, Contagion, discussed later) and three storis from Avery Hempstead, a new name to us and a nifty writer. Three one-pagers by Diane Williams, a longish story from Emily Cerf (also a Q regular without a Knopf) and one from Elenor Alper, Q regular and artist who used to open her apartment up for Lish’s private classes.

Nace pagess…

Quite minimalist “poetry” such as this one:

The issue concludes with 25 pages of “text” from one Mrs. Enid J. Crackle, a Q regular who often had her handwritten postcards and notes publisher verbtim. Who was Enid J. Crackle? Supposedly an elderly subscriber who lived in a rest home, although some have suggested she was a Lish pen name. Certainly her textual aesthetics were in line with Lish’s.


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