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Cathedral — Raymond Carver

Again, a simple cover. Which is nice.  The Vintage paperback, however, is akin to the Vintage edition of WWTAWWTAL:

Now that Carver have some power over the editorial hand, and felt less dependent on Lish, he asked–if not demanded–that Lish did not do a slice up job on the manuscript, which, as seen in Lish’s archives, was originally submitted by agent Amanda Urban with the title So Much Water So Close to Home (which could have  been better, long like his other books)…in a letter, Lish thinks Carver is making a wrong move but he concedes and does a “light” edit on the book.

It was the last book Lish would do an edit…Where I’m Calling From and the poetry volumes were edited by Lish crony Gary Fisketjon.

In the Paris Review interview, pages of “The Bridle” are shown with Carver’s own edits:

What would these pages look like had Lish put his black ink pen to them?

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